Healthy Artisan Tea with the Barista touch 

Roibesso Artisan Tea with the barista touch is the perfect choice for a modern, health conscious lifestyle. Each of our handcrafted, antioxidant rich blends is designed not only with your body in mind, but to taste great too. Combine these benefits with the flexibility and theatre offered by the barista touch, and you have a drink that stands out from the crowd as an exciting new experience.


The Art of Wellbeing

The health benefits and antioxidants of Rooibos Tea are well documented, and here at Roibesso we decided to make the most of this by hand blending the Tea with a number of different high-quality, herbal ingredients and superfoods. The result of this is 6 handcrafted blends, each with a different great flavour and a unique set of health benefits.


Barista Touch

The key to Roibesso is the barista touch. Each of our handcrafted Artisan Tea blends is packed full of taste and goodness, which is then bought to life in the hands of your barista. After all, we believe a great cup of tea should have come with all the skill and theatre of a cup of coffee. Where is the fun in going to a café and paying £3 for a cup of tea identical to something you could make at home?


Ice Cold Wellbeing

This revitalising summery drink is then poured over ice and mixed with a fresh fruit juice of your choosing to create your uniquely flavoured iced tea. If you want to add an extra kick on a warm summers evening, our Roibesso iced tea can also be used as a base for a cheeky fruit cocktail. The possibilities truly are endless!

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