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Chamomile is not new among the medicinal plants, because it was found in the stomach of Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II. It was used by the ancient Greeks; Germans even devote it to Baldurju, their god of light. Chamomile has beneficial effects and is as well known in our cultural space. We prepare chamomile tea when we can not fall asleep or have stomach cramps.

Chamomile relaxes the muscles, so it is beneficial to athletes; its essential oils relieve cramps, which is useful for women during their periods. It is beneficial for the skin because it promotes the healing of wounds and disinfects, does not act aggressively on our skin, and relieves swelling, burns and various skin infections. This herb acts as a natural antibiotic, and among other things, soothes an upset stomach and relieves intestinal pain. It has a positive impact on lowering blood sugar.

Note: Because of its components, a thinner that prevents blood clotting, caution is advised when taking medication to thin the blood. Chamomile is not recommended for pregnant women and mothers during lactation. Excessive consumption of chamomile tea causes nervousness.


Key components of Chamomile are:

  • fluorine
  • the minerals, calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium and the
  • vitamin A.

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