Roispresso Classic

Rooibos-fine-cut 635a

The basic flavor of all the drinks is Classic, which is a combination of finely ground buds, granules and the powder of the South African red tea, rooibos, without any supplements. It is characterized by its intense red color and delicate flavor, so it is not as bitter as green or black tea.

The simplest drink, for some "the real one", is Roispresso with the Classic flavor. And others prefer Classic with milk: macchiato, cappuccino, bianco and latte, weak Americano or cold Americano ice. For sweetness we recommend coconut sugar.

We recommend Roispresso Classic to everyone if:

  • You have an elevated level of sugar,
  • Your memory is not as good as it used to be,
  • You have eyesight problems,
  • You are overweight,
  • You have elevated cholesterol,
  • You play sports, or
  • You need vitamins, minerals and antioxidants

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