Roispresso Goji

Rooibos-Goji-Berry 635a

The Goji mix is made from finely ground buds, granules and the powder of the South African red rooibos tea and finely ground, dried Lycium barbarum (a type of Goji from the Himalayas) . The media has previously called that plant by its English name, goji.

Goji has a strong antioxidant impact. Goji adds to the delicate taste of rooibos with a more intense flavor; it has a slightly bitter taste and contains slightly piquant notes of the white pepper. Because of the intense flavor it is suitable for use with milk, prepared either as a cappuccino, latte or bianco. It is especially good sweetened with coconut sugar, which gives us, in combination with milk, a real gourmet treat.

We recommend Roispresso Goji to all if:

  • You have an elevated level of sugar,
  • Your memory is not as good as it used to be,
  • You have eyesight problems,
  • You are overweight,
  • You have elevated cholesterol,
  • You play sports, or
  • You need vitamins, minerals and antioxidants

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