Roispresso Guarana with Açaí berries

Rooibos-Gurana-Acai 635a

Guarana is a mixture consisting of finely ground buds, granules and the powder of the South African red rooibos tea,  finely ground dried guarana beans and dried super purple Açaí berries.

Due to the presence of guaranin (caffeine) it is an ideal alternative to energy drinks and of course a healthy substitute for coffee because it contains as much caffeine as one cup of coffee.

Guarana does not have a characteristic taste and is used to make energy drinks. We use finely ground Guarana beans without extracts. With the addition of 'magic' Açaí berries we can provide your body a sufficient amount of antioxidants.
Roispresso Guarana has a more bitter flavor, so we recommend that you drink it sweetened with some coconut sugar. Besides that, we recommend it warm and with milk (cappuccino, latte or bianco).


We recommend Roispresso Guarana with Açaí berries to all that:

  • Cannot start a day without caffeine,
  • Want a healthy substitute for coffee,
  • Have problems with concentration,
  • Are overweight, or
  • Need fresh energy for sports

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