Roispresso Ginseng with orange

Rooibos-Ginseng-Orange 635a

Ginseng with Orange is made up of finely ground buds, granules and the powder of the South African red rooibos tea and finely ground ginseng and some dried orange peel.

Ginseng calms and relaxes the body and mind, so we recommend it at bedtime. The combination of ginseng roots with orange is interesting. Ginseng gives us a spicy flavor and the orange provides the flavor of fresh citrus. Even though they cover up the rooibos flavor, the mixture of all three is very wonderful and very healthy. It is wonderful in an espresso, but it is also worth a try in combination with milk, like a macchiato or cappuccino.

We recommend Roispresso Ginseng with Orange to all that:

  • Play sports,
  • Have concentration problems,
  • Have trouble with sleeping, or
  • Are under stress.

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