Roispresso Chamomile with pollen

Rooibos-Chamomile-Pollen 635a

Chamomile with pollen is composed of finely ground buds, granules and the powder of the South African red rooibos tea and dried chamomile flowers and freshly ground, dry pollen.

This mix is a real vitamin bomb. Its delicate flavor is based on the rooibos, to which we add a hint of chamomile and honey pollen. It is great in any type of drink, with milk or without. It is probably strongest in espresso or bianco however. To the basic honey flavor we can also add some coconut sugar.

We recommend Roispresso Chamomile with pollen to all who:

  • Feel a bit weak,
  • Have a fever or cramps,
  • Want to taste something sweet, but healthy, or
  • Need some extra vitamins and minerals.

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