Premier Brands Starts a Crowdfunding Beverage Project

 Premier Brands Inc.  a company in the business of creating, acquiring and marketing consumer packaged goods and new product development, announced today a project to introduce Roispresso in the USA using the crowdfunding platform Crowdfunding gives potential customers the ability to fund projects, including consumer products and beverages. This places the funding in the hands of the people and establishes a relationship with the products they like and want to see successful. The crowd-funding event that Premier Brands manages is to introduce the brand here in the U.S. 







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Espresso Tea by Roispresso

I don’t know about you but I love my tea and espresso. They help me get up on time and stay up all day long. Have you ever thought about combining the two to get the best of both worlds? Roispresso is what you need. It is tea and espresso in one drink. Roispresso is available in five flavors: Goji, Guarana and Acai, Mint, Ginseng & Orange, and Chamomile & Pollen. 

What's neat is you can experiment with your Roispresso and make all kinds of delicious drinks. This exciting project is on Kickstarter.






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Innovative Slovenian Start-ups presented their projects in Luxemburg

The Slovenian- Luxemburg business club (LSBS) organized with The Impactory Luxemburg presentations of chosen start-ups.  The event has attracted a total of more than 20 participants from both countries.

On the main part of event were presented following Slovenian projects: Innovative solutions for packing Tripar, child of tea and coffee Roispresso and mobile application Appotheke.

Kostja Klabjan, CEO of Roispresso, has highlighted the importance of support from state institutions. He registered his company in London where he received financial and advisory support from UK with the goal to employ people in London.

More:   LSBC






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Roispresso on Coinvest

In Nova Gorica was on 24. And 25. October  the conference called Coinvest. The point of conference was to present the best start ups on field of innovative technologies ( cloud computer science and Life Science) and to present 25 angel investors and founds risk capital from Europe and US. We are proud to say that  also our team got the chance to present Roispresso on Coinvest.


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GEW 50

Startups from two dozen countries are being recognized as some of the best and brightest in the world. Global Entrepreneurship Week announced the “GEW 50” — a list of the 50 most innovative new companies competing in the Startup Open, a competition that recognizes startups with high-growth potential. On that list was also Roispresso, represented from Kostja Klabjan.

More:   Start up




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The Trafalgar Hotel is the first to serve up Roispresso

The Trafalgar Hotel is proud to become the first London venue to add Roispresso t its menu.

Whit its chic design and buzzing London atmosphere, the award winning Rockwell Bar is the perfect fit for the innovative and exciting Roispresso concept. A new drink for healthy, modern lifestyle, Roispresso is the ideal choice for tea and coffee lovers alike.  

all in





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Rockwell Bar

The Rockwell Bar at the Trafalgar Hotel has become the first venue in London to offer Roispresso, a new Caffeine- free rooibos tea that is served like coffee and is high in antioxidants. Serves include an espresso, cappuccino, latte, americano or ice tea, and it comes in different flavours such us goji, mint, guarana, ginseng with orange and camomile with pollen. Hotel Manager Jurgen Ammerstorfer says:"Whit its delicate taste and added health benefits, Roispresso is the perfect choice for busy lifestyles in need of extra boost." 








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Tea Time in Wonderland

Written by: Chocoralie

Remember this word - Roispresso.  You will see it everywhere in the coming year - hotels, bars, restaurants, the best cafes in town. Have you ever considered it with milk? Me neither, it is divine - the creaminess matches the natural sweetness of Rooibos.  



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A whole new blend - A healthy kick


Written by Rachel Huggins and Thomas Rees

Slovenian creation Roispresso is a new kind of drink that is being promoted as part of healthy, modern style. The drink, which first appeared in London at The Trafalgar hotel and Nobu restaurant, looks like a coffee and is served like coffee, but is made from a combination of South African red tea rooibos and super-foods such as Ginseng and Goji. The drink is suitable for anyone including pregnant mothers and children, and consumers can customise their own drink with different flavours and serving variations - much like a coffee shop experience.





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Non alcoholic drinks: Five hot beverage innovations in hospitality

Written by: Emma Eversham

"Customers have become saviver about the type of hot beverages they drink" says Trafalgar Hotel general manager Jurgen Ammerstorfer,  "some are looking for healthier options whilst others, like the coffee culture, what a drink withouth cafeerine. The public are also becoming more evently split about whether they are tea or coffee drinkers and so, by marrying both types of drinks, customers can enjoy the best parts of each drink in a new and delicious form."





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Roispresso Tea - A Healthy Energy Boost

Written by: Lucy McGuire

Do you find it impossible to resist grabbing freshly brewed coffee on your way to the office?Well, soon you could be swapping your morning double shot latte for something a little healthier, because tea is making a comeback. Fuelled with impressively high levels of antioxidants, Roispresso is the latest ange to gather hype for nutritional benefits. 








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Roispresso took first place in the competition Ecotrophelia Slovenia

EcoTrophelia the competition in the development of new "eco" innovative food products to which they can apply for a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 persons.

The competition takes place at the national level by selecting EcoTrophelia Slovenia 2013. The winners of the two sets of EcoTrophelia Slovenia 2013 was announced this year at the International Food Exhibition AGRA, which took place in Gornja Radgona on 26 August 2013.
The competition was aimed at promoting the development of integrated innovative entrepreneurial activity in the food sector. Based on the motivation for entrepreneurial action in the context of regional road-show events, practical trainings for finishing the business plan and the exchange of experience and good practice and networking that took place in the context of agri-food fair AGRA




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logo testAre you a tea drinker but jealous of all different ways you can make a cup of coffee, be it an Espresso, Latte, Americano, Cappuccino and so forth? Well Roispresso have come up a cleaver way in which you can order and drink exactly like you do a cup of coffee and our latest travel blog takes a look at this novel concept.

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Is it a flat white, is it a late? No, the new drink in town is a cof-tea

Written by Victoria Stewart

londonevening 150"It looks like coffee, it is served like coffee, yet the latest drink to arrive in London is not, in fact, a new type of coffee — it’s a tea."

The introduction of this milky tea came about after Slovenian entrepreneur Kostja Klabjan met the hotel’s general manager, Jurgen Ammerstorfer, who saw the potential in London for a new drink. After a successful soft launch where it has been available in the hotel’s Rockwell bar, the Trafalgar will shortly be offering roispressos during business meetings alongside the regular tea or coffee option, and in a commuter-friendly takeaway cup (from £3.50).


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Roispresso, the Miracle Child of Tea and Coffee

Written by Samantha Wood

bluetomato 150"If coffee and tea had a baby, it would be called Roispresso."

Caffeine-free, save for the guarana & acai flavour, these six different flavours can be prepared six different ways. Feeling in the mood for an energising boost? Try the ginseng and orange in the form of a rosso, which comes in a small cup and is similar to an espresso. If you’re ready to embrace the summer (will it ever come back?) the Mint blend in an iced tea provides a refreshing option.

Look out Starbucks; there’s a new kid in town.


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Have You Tried Roispresso?

Written by Rebecca Rutt

wjlondon 150Coffee and tea lovers unite. No longer do you have to choose between the two as Roispresso, a brand new drink creation, combines the best of both in one. Now, as avid coffee addicts, the find the idea a little strange but on closer inspection it’s pretty impressive.


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