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“Tea – But Now How You’re Used To It”


Everyone loves the coffee shop experience, and having your drink hand-crafted by a trained barista is a special bit of theatre. However, for years Tea drinkers have felt short-changed, paying the same price as a barista coffee for what is just a teabag in some water, something they could easily make themselves. That’s why here at Roispresso, our Artisan Tea combines the health benefits and goodness of South African Rooibos Tea and superfoods with the excitement and flexibility of the barista experience. 

The beauty of Roispresso is the flexibility it brings; your barista can make it just the way you like it. There are 4 principal brewing styles – though Roispresso is not limited to this – and each one uses the patented Roispresso handle to perfectly infuse your chosen blend, leaving your barista to hand-craft the perfect drink for you.


Cappuccino-small 300a


A mixture of your choice of our pressurised Rooibos Artisan Tea infusion and hot steamed milk served, the Original is a creamy beverage engineered for maximum flavour. It is topped off with an indulgent layer of luxurious froth to create a drink that looks as good as it tastes.


Latte 300a


Served in a tall glass, your barista will first fill this glass with both hot and cold milk, finishing it off by pouring in a pressurised blend of your choice. The milk-based Tall has a more subtle flavour, while the thicker texture and light layer of froth on top makes this a comforting and relaxing option.


Americano 300a


Quick is our simplest brewing style on offer and packs a punch. Coming in two sizes - Small or Large - our Artisan Tea blend is hand brewed by your barista, then served with your choice of hot or cold milk on the side.



Ice-Tea 300a


Our Iced does exactly what it says on the tin. Your choice of blend is brewed under pressure then cooled down by pouring over ice and mixing with a fresh fruit juice of your choice. This revitalising and energising drink is a perfect summer treat, and can even be used as the base for a cheeky cocktail!

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