Brand Story

Brand Story

Growing up near Trieste, famously the home of the Espresso, founder and the brains behind Roispresso Kostja Klabjan has always had a passion for hand-crafted, artisan hot drinks. Building a hugely successful supply business from scratch, Kostja was no stranger to high powered, caffeine-fuelled business meetings, yet found constant coffee drinking both repetitive and damaging to his health. “There must be an alternative”, he thought. Thus, the concept of Roispresso Artisan Tea began to blossom. 

In 2010 while still running his company, Kostja shut himself away in his kitchen and started hand-crafting, tasting and refining the first Roispresso blends. Basing each blend on South African Rooibos Tea, Kostja wanted to create something that not only tasted great, but contained all the wonderful health benefits of Rooibos Tea combined with the theatre of barista-craft. Thus, the Roicino and Roiliatte were born. 

Still in his native Slovenia, Kostja unlocked his kitchen and got as many people as he could find to give his new invention a try. Initially selling it through a few local coffee shops, the reception was great, yet one issue close to the heart of any tea drinker kept popping up: consistency. Put simply, there was no way to guarantee that each cup of Roispresso would taste as great as the last, and it was still lacking in the complete "Barista Experience" that Kostja craved. 

Then, at the start of 2012 Kostja had another brainwave. He designed and patented the unique Roispresso handle, which is made to fit all major coffee machines. Ensuring the hot water is pressurized and blended with the tea pod for 5 seconds, the handle guarantees not only that each cup of Roispresso tastes just as great as the last, but that all the health benefits of Rooibos Tea come through in just the right amount. By this point we had already added the Roicano to our repertoire, and following a chance meeting with some ice-cubes, the Roifresher soon joined the party. Roispresso was now in a league of its own; Barista crafted, Artisan Tea had been born. 

Since 2012, Roispresso has not looked back. Selling his company in Slovenia, Kostja moved the business to London to focus on Roispresso full-time. After going through stringent laboratory testing to prove the antioxidant potential of Roispresso, we took our creation to the InterBev Awards in the dizzying lights of Las Vegas. Although the purpose of the trip was to get the Roispresso brand out there and introduce ourselves to some big names in the industry, Roispresso surprised everyone (including us!) by being named a finalist in both the Best Beverage Ingredient and Best Functional Drink categories, positioning us alongside established brands like Coca Cola and Pepsi.

Following on from our success at the InterBev awards, interest in Roispresso intensified and by the start of 2013, we were stocked in a number of high-profile hotels worldwide, including the Peninsula in Hong Kong and The Trafalgar in London. There was now a real danger that demand would start to outstrip supply, so we decided to take a step back and create a business plan as healthy and beneficial as our Artisan Tea. 

Since 2013, we have continued to steadily grow our network, popping up in hotels and independent coffee houses all over the world. Behind the scenes, we have also been hard at work fine-tuning our production and distribution processes. As a result, we are now looking forward to introducing Roispresso Artisan Tea to a wider audience and, fingers crossed, coffee houses near you.   


Our Values and Beliefs


  • - We believe tea crafting is an art-form, and should be treated as such
  • - We believe health benefits shouldn’t have to mean a compromise on taste
  • - We believe simply serving a teabag in hot water is not befitting of the coffee shop experience
  • - We believe great tea and coffee should never compete, but should exist side by side
  • - We believe tea drinkers should be able to benefit from the barista experience




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