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Now is the time for tea with the barista touch.

Energ+ Ltd have, for many years, tracked and recorded that trends in health and wellbeing have grown significantly every year, with the market for herbal tea having tripled in recent years.  We recognise that keeping fit and healthy is more important to people than ever, and the extensive health benefits associated with herbal tea and superfoods are well documented. 

The coffee sold in coffee shops has seen real innovation and thus a remarkable explosion in popularity in the last few years, partially due to the theatre of the barista art. Major chains like Starbucks have tried to come up with new variations on their traditional teas and coffees to drive new trends but Roibesso finally has the answer. Coffee has the barista touch you cannot make at home, and now, Roibesso have come up with a great tasting tea innovation that consumers will be equally prepared to pay a premium for as it adds the barista experience. Introducing new forms of tea into coffee shops will be the key for their future development, a new source of revenue and ignites the search for a tea revolution.

We have discovered that young and affluent professionals with an eye on their health are a huge part of this new craze, but many feel short changed when paying £3 for a simple cup of tea in a coffee shop which could be made at home or the office for a fraction of the cost. Many consumers are also looking for creative and innovative ways to enjoy tea based drinks. A third trend we noticed in the want of health conscious drinks is the reduction of caffeine, spurring on our development of caffeine free blends.

Roibesso bridges the gap in the tea market, giving young professionals health conscious, artisan tea which is carefully handcrafted by their barista, and crucially, can’t be found anywhere else. It creates an incredible opportunity for a new source of revenue.

The benefits of stocking Roibesso Artisan Tea include…

  • A higher RRP than traditional tea, giving you a bigger profit margin
  •  An opportunity for a new source of revenue
  • Attracting new costumers 
  • The potential for a huge increase in afternoon trade
  • The potential for a huge increase in tea sales 
  • A universal appeal to professionals with an eye on health 
  • A unique and revolutionary premium style
  • Easy for your barista to master, with simple training provided

Roibesso is not a replacement for your staple teas and coffees, rather an additional, supplementary product designed to encourage more business from affluent and health conscious people. The Roibesso style offers a go-to option for anyone who is after something a little different.

Stocking Roibesso will not only usher in a new breed of consumer who might previously have passed you by, but get those customers who pop in on the way to work to come in after work too. 

Want to know the best bit about it? With the patented Roibesso handle designed to fit all main coffee machines, a high quality product is guaranteed every time and your baristas won’t need extensive training.

Roibesso is already stocked in some premier destinations worldwide, including the Trafalgar Hotel and Nobu Restaurant in London, the H Hotel and Intercontinental in Dubai and the Peninsula and W Hotels in Hong Kong. Click here to listen to a testimonial about Roibesso from the General Manager at the Trafalgar.



  • A great tasting, indulgent tea 
  • The barista experience
  • Antioxidants and other proven health benefits
  • A delicious variety of blends to choose from
  • The opportunity to be part of a popular new trend



  • Patented technology and Roibesso Handle 
  • Unique handcrafted tea blends
  • Recognized brand
  • Established market tests



  • We believe that tea-making should be a hand-crafted art-form
  • We believe that health benefits should not mean a compromise on taste
  • We are going to elevate the tea experience in the same manner as Starbucks did for coffee
  • We believe we will reinvent tea
  • We can create an exciting opportunity for a new source of revenue


Simply get in touch and find out how you could become part of the Roibesso network and introduce your customers to the Artisan Tea revolution.



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