Why to drink Roispresso

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“Why Drink Roispresso?”

Keeping fit and healthy is more important to people than ever, and with the extensive health benefits associated with Rooibos being well documented, Herbal Tea is now a booming trend for those looking for an enticing new drinking option.

The antioxidant potential of tea has been known for some time, but combining these detoxifying qualities with a winning flavour to create an exciting new experience departing from traditional tea has proved impossible – until now!

Everyone loves the coffee shop experience and having your drink hand-crafted by a trained barista is a great piece of theatre that keeps us coming back for more. However, for years many tea drinkers have understandably felt short-changed when visiting a coffee house, having to pay a premium £3 for what essentially is just a tea bag and hot water. Others are looking for a tasty way to reduce their caffeine intake and for something a little different to the usual tea drinks on offer.

This is a problem that we have strived to solve, and from it Roispresso Artisan Teas were born.

Our range of blends and unique brewing process under pressure is perfect for those who like current teas but want something a little more from their coffee house. The caffeine-free blends also open up more opportunities for afternoon and late night coffee shop visits for those wanting to curb their caffeine intake day to day.

Here at Roispresso, our Artisan Tea combines extraordinary health benefits of both South African Rooibos tea and the incredible superfoods it is blended with. This completely new taste experience comes with the enjoyment and flexibility of barista expertise to form a wonderful new experience that both excites the senses and warms the soul.


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